There are great benefits of working with horses in TAAC. Here are some of them:

1.New perspectives:
We know that for there to be changes, there must be a change of perspective, a different view of things, but sometimes, it is difficult to find new angles as an observer. That is one of the great benefits of working with horses, you will see things as you have never looked at them before, which facilitates deep and true change.

2. It is easier for a horse to tell you:
Although several people mention our possible areas for improvement, usually when we see things in a third party, it is when it has the most impact. Now, if that third is a horse, and he shows it to me in such a clear way, it will have a much more intense impact, than the repetitive signal that other people make to us.

3. A Gym of Attitudes:
Many times we have the theoretical information on how to work as a team, how to be a good leader, but few actually do it. When an executive proposes a new strategy for sure, when an athlete trains to win, when I am 100% sure of what I say, it manifests itself through a nonverbal language that everyone perceives. Horses are experts in reading that language, and demand that kind of congruence to act. That's why we say that being on the track with the horses in freedom becomes a gym of attitudes.

   ¿Por qué el caballo?       

It leaves you convinced!
The horses have a strong impact when they see them for the first time in a free herd. When people realize what they are capable of doing: that they are able to move unknown animals, to communicate with them, to motivate and move them; In addition to saving hours of work, discussions, effort and money, then they are totally convinced that making changes is possible.

You don't need to go so far!
Just 35 minutes from the Periferico, it will seem that you left the country to a place full of nature and ideal for learning.