High Performance Teams

One of the most powerful states of the human being is the "flow" as a team. This program will allow you to access this “flow” as a team, allowing you to take advantage of the synergy that is achieved by merging individual efforts and strengths in the same direction. During this process, old performance patterns are identified as a team. We start from the person, breaking individual paradigms generating self-awareness, recognition of strengths and empathy for others. You will get a step-by-step process, which you can exercise voluntarily, and that will help you enter the high performance state with your team at any time. This will establish a new mentality that will generate greater determination to achieve common goals. If you have experienced the flow, you know you can achieve great things; Experiencing team flow is the beginning of greatness.

First slide Depth level: very high
First slide Groups: 12 – 15
First slide Hours: 12 to 16 hours