TAAC offers an innovative and effective learning model.

¿Por qué el caballo?


The activities are designed specifically for each case, and attendees experience situations in which they need to define and apply strategies to solve situations and achieve objectives.

In all cases the interaction with horses is present (without riding them), which acts as an unpredictable variable and as a catalyst to highlight the attitudes of the participants.

Using this model, it is possible to position teams in situations that resemble challenging situations of working life and organizations.

The attitudes and processes applied during the activities are evaluated and optimized through team discussion. This allows participants to establish similarities or metaphors facilitating reflection, connection and obtaining new tools.  

Impressive and meaningful experiences are used, so that they are transferred to the work environment.

Having objectives in an environment that is not what they usually handle and with other living beings that do not respond to their verbal language, causes a confrontation in the participants.

This gives them the opportunity to try and experience new individual and team attitudes, and to rediscover and assess tools they can use at any time of need, and in different contexts established to achieve the goals.