Since ancient times some animals, more than others. They have caught the attention of the human being for different reasons.

¿Por qué el caballo?


The horses in particular, were for man of great historical importance and currently scientific research conducted in the United States and Europe prove more and more, their contributions for the benefit of man in the psychological and pedagogical areas, repositioning them in a privileged place.


Groups of people and herds of horses have great similarities in the social aspect.

They have established roles within their packs, they are gregarious, that is, they have a preference for staying in groups and not isolated and they also have different personalities and attitudes. This gives us the opportunity to observe and evaluate their behavior and establish similarities with the human being.

The simple act of establishing a relationship with a horse influences people in an incredibly powerful way.

At the same time, it fosters the creation of endless metaphors with situations that in real life can be intimidating, that require more effort or that represent a challenge for us.

For all that the horse represents for us, as a symbol of strength and power, carrying out an activity that involves these animals gives us the opportunity to overcome fear and develop confidence, that is why Coaching with Horses is bringing big results.